Insider trading: Brad Treliving clears the air from Johnny Gaudreau’s conditioning


TSN Hockey insider Darren Dreger joins Glenn Schiiler to discuss the continuation of Brad Treliving’s offensive Johnny Gaudreauconditions and shares the latest growing concerns of coaches and NHL staff who have been affected by the pay cuts.

Schiiler: This is another edition of Insider Trading once again the star of the show, it’s Darren Dreger. Darren, we are four days in training camps here. Nice for hockey fans to be able to debate and analyze line combinations. But there was a big question mark in Calgary around Johnny Goudreau. Why didn’t he skate with his usual teammates? On Thursday, its general manager decided to clean the air a bit. What forced them to do this Darren?

Dreger: Well, Brad Treliving, Calgary Flames general manager Glenn, was obviously very excited. He is tired of media speculation that Johnny Goudreau is not in good physical condition, that he is not in good shape. And this is the main reason from the point of view of the discipline that he does not skate with his usual teammates and the main group. Well, that’s just not true, according to Treliving. In fact, Johnny Goudreau is in perfect condition. He worked hard during the break and this is just one of those things and everything will be worked out in the next two days. As for why he is not skating with a main group and his usual teammates, the Calgary Flames are not ready to go, at least not yet.

Schiiler: On Tuesday, you spoke of a growing concern among coaches and NHL staff who have been affected by the pay cuts. There have been many comments on this report. What’s the last one?

Dreger: Well, it’s an ongoing process. there is no doubt. I know that Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly has been in contact with Michael Hirschfeld, who is the executive director of the NHL Coaches Association. This seems to mainly concern small markets. And there is a belief that specific to head coaches, there could be a restructuring of their contracts. So even if they are absorbing a drop in wages right now, because of the pandemic, the money they lose due to going backwards will be restored towards the end, the end of the contract. But there is an ongoing dialogue about it and sources say there are clubs, both outside the 2014 tournament and inside the 2014 field, that are still making these setbacks. So it’s an ongoing problem, but it’s not just about head coaches and assistant coaches. Again, this affects many people in hockey operations.


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