Inside Kendall Jenner’s LA pillow with an X-rated bedroom and golden tub


Kendall Jenner gave fans a look inside her ‘cozy LA hideaway,’ showing off her golden tub, bizarre glowing orb and glamorous bedroom. The 24-year-old model gave people a 10-minute tour of her gorgeous home while talking about the “chaos and high energy” of her life.

She told Architectural Digest: “I like a house with character. When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful ambiance of the Spanish farmhouse.

“My life involves a lot of chaos, travel and energy, so I wanted a serene home, a place where I can just relax and unwind.

But the naughty feature in Kendall’s bedroom is what really caught our eye.

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In the center of the wall of Kendall’s bedroom is a neon installation by artist Tracey Emin.

Next to a message that reads: “Glad to hear you being a happy girl” there are a number of measurements: “22cm. Circumference 20. Diameter 4.5. ”

While the note has probably baffled the majority of us, Kendall has a pretty good idea of ​​what that means.

A play by Tracey Emin

She said: “I’m pretty sure the measurements are of an ex-boyfriend the size of Tracey Emin’s penis, and then the message at the bottom is to his new girlfriend, ‘Glad to hear. that you are a happy girl… ‘

“Because he has a very big penis, I think” – well…

And speaking of size, Kendall revealed her bed is nine by eight and a half feet – roughly 2.7 square meters.

She also has a strange pink orb in her foyer

At the foot of his bed and in several places in his room are “copper energy rings”.

Kendall admitted, “I’m not sure exactly what they’re supposed to be good at, but someone told me to get them. ”

In the foyer on the wall is a hot pink orb which she says is “a James Turrell” – whatever that means.

Kendall doesn’t have a TV in her living room, so she and her friends can have “in-depth discussions”

She then goes into her bathroom which has a bath of pure gold, which she apparently likes so much that she bathes there “at least three times a week”.

The next room is her art studio, which she revealed to have converted from the old home theater.

She added, “I’m not good at art, but I love coming here and doing really horrible things. “

She has a golden tub that she bathes in three times a week

It also has a glamorous room, an art studio and a dressing room.

Kendall also transformed two unused bedrooms into a dressing room and glamorous room.

She even had a separate door installed in her glamorous bedroom for her beauticians.

“There is a really nice door so my glamorous people can get in and out very easily and not have to go through the whole house. ”

It comes after fellow model Gigi Hadid revealed her year-long renovation.

She eventually gave fans a glimpse of the plush two-bedroom New York carpet, but was met with many disapproving comments from fans, with one describing it as “a chain of student hostels.”

From the shots she shared, it’s clear that she isn’t afraid to experiment with quirky interiors.

In the bathroom, on the marble wall is a series of iconic New Yorker blankets, which she applied with blu-tack.

And just outside the room, leaning against the wall, was a giant ballpoint pen.

But fans were more confused by some of the weird details in the kitchen.

Sitting atop the island counter was a large wooden bowl of billiard balls.

And the cupboards had been filled with a variety of dyed pasta shapes.


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