“Ink Master” candidate doesn’t plead for the murder of YouTuber Corey La Barrie


A tattoo artist and former competitor to the reality show “Ink Master” has made no submissions on charges of manslaughter in the May murder of YouTube personality Corey La Barrie, authorities said on Wednesday.

Daniel Silva, 27, pleaded Tuesday and faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison, said the Los Angeles County Attorney’s office.

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Authorities said Silva accelerated in his 2020 McLaren 600LT sports car before crashing into a stop sign and a tree in North Hollywood on May 10, killing La Barrie, who was his passenger.

Silva, who authorities say tried to leave but was intercepted by passers-by, was initially charged with second degree murder.

His lawyer, Mike Cavalluzzi, said Wednesday that Silva “continues to fight the loss of his dear friend.”

“Our thoughts are mainly with Corey’s family at the moment,” said Cavalluzzi. “Daniel will dedicate his life to honoring Corey in every way possible and ensuring the survival of his memory. He is heartbroken, especially for Corey’s mom and dad and his brother and sister. “

La Barrie, 25, had hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers. In his latest video, released on May 9, he said the next day was his birthday.

Silva appeared in season 10 of the Paramount Network reality show “Ink Master”.


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