Ice cream and pizza crusts: how the spiked seltzer evolves beyond drinks


White Claw, Truly and Cutwater Spirits, three notable brands test their flavors in the form of snacks, deploying new soft drinks, ice cream and even a pizza crust. And for good reason: Nielsen said in a report last week that drinks are experiencing “phenomenal growth”, helped in part by the pandemic.

Since Covid-19 caused closings in the U.S. in mid-March, weekly sales of large seltzers have surpassed the week of July 4, 2019, which was previously last week’s highest individual sales week. . During Memorial Day week, sales of seltzers peaked at $ 110 million – an increase of over 200% from the same week a year earlier.

This summer, companies hope that the seemingly insatiable thirst will translate beyond drinks.

Cutwater Spirits Popsicles

The California-based distillery has grown rapidly in the canned cocktail and alfalfa market over the past year with nearly 20 types of beverages. This month, he’s rolling out alcoholic ice cubes based on his best-selling flavors, including tequila margarita, vodka mule, rum, and cola.

The idea was to offer customers “another fun way to enjoy a high-quality Cutwater cocktail anywhere,” according to Gwen Conley, director of quality and innovation for the company. Each ice cream has 7% alcohol by volume, roughly the same amount of alcohol in one of its canned cocktails.

A pack of 12 varieties for $ 25 will be available nationwide in mid-July.

Really ice cream

Truly Hard Seltzer offers a new range of ice creams and sorbets.

Boston Beer-owned brand Seltzer has reformulated its flavors and added lemonade to its line over the past year. Now it turns into ice cream with what he calls a “first fortified seltzer ice cream”.

The four flavors imbued with alcohol are based on its recently launched lemonade lemonade flavor pack and include: strawberry lemonade sorbet, original lemonade ice cream, black cherry lemonade ice cream and sherbet sorbet mango lemonade. It was created in partnership with Tipsy Scoop, which makes other alcoholic ice creams.

Casey O’Neill, Senior Director of Product Development for Boston beer (SAM), said the combination was “a no-brainer” because the combination of ice cream, sorbet and spiked seltzer are summer favorites. “As the most innovative hard seltzer on the market, we are constantly looking for ways to expand and evolve our offerings to consumers,” she told CNN Business.

The four pints cost $ 48 plus the shipping price on

White Claw Pizza Crust

White Claw teamed up with Blaze Pizza for a mango crust.

The best-selling spiked seltik brand partnered with the fast casual chain Blaze Pizza to create a White Claw crust. The dough used “Mango White Claw” instead of the filtered water in a unique special last month.

Blaze’s chef Brad Kent told Food & Wine that the combination was caused by the “sweet smell of fermentation” that reminded him of mango. He liked it so much that he deployed it in 40 places for people to try it out.

The chain refused to provide sales figures on the special, but a spokesperson told CNN Business that it “had seen an incredible enthusiasm” for the crust. Blaze added that he is “thinking about how we can continue this fun partnership” later this summer.


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