ICBC switches to appointment system for driver’s license transactions – BC News


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As of today (Monday), ICBC is moving to an appointment-based system for most driver’s license office transactions.

As the volume of clients increases, ICBC asks clients to make an appointment before visiting an ICBC office for transactions such as driver’s license renewals and knowledge tests.

This ensures that ICBC continues to adhere to physical distancing guidelines established by the province.

Customers can now book their appointment through

When booking a tour at a driver’s license office, customers will be able to choose a location and time that is convenient for them, allowing customers to plan their visit in advance.

Customers will be asked to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment and ensure they have the required documentation with them. This online reservation system does not allow the booking of road tests.

ICBC strongly advises clients to make an appointment at least three weeks before their driver’s license expires, as the availability of walk-in tours will be limited and expectations can be expected when scheduled appointments take place.

The system will provide flexibility for rescheduling and canceling appointments if necessary. Customers will receive a confirmation email as well as two reminder emails with instructions prior to the appointment.

Customers who need to pay for a ticket, get their driver history / summary, or update their address can continue to do so online or over the phone.


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