Huawei is reportedly working on the foldable “Mate V” that looks like the Galaxy Z Flip


It looks like Huawei could be working on a new foldable to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.According to details from Ben Geskin, leak designer and Twitter designer, the China-based telecommunications equipment maker is working on a vertical folding device. Geskin says the phone would be called the “Mate V.”

In addition, Geskin tweeted that the Mate V would have a notch on the screen and support “3D facial recognition,” which Geskin says is similar to the Huawei face unlock system included on his Mate 30 Pro phone. . This system relies on 3D technologies such as a time-of-flight sensor (TOF) to recognize users and authenticate them.

Finally, Geskin explained in his tweet that the Mate V will look like the Galaxy Z Flip, but will include more cameras.

Included renderings show notch display and array of vertical cameras

Geskin has included two images with his tweet that show renderings of what the Mate V might look like. The first shows the front and rear of the Mate V both folded and unfolded. The top half of the back of the phone includes a network of vertical cameras, although it’s not clear how many cameras the phone will have.

In addition, it seems that there will be a space under the bump of the camera. It’s not immediately clear why, but some users responded to Geskin’s tweet that the space was probably for a small screen. The Galaxy Z Flip, for example, has a small external screen to check the time and notifications without opening the device.

In addition, the rendering shows a thin rectangle with rounded corners next to the camera array. This will likely be where the phone flash and other sensors will reside.

The inside of the phone has an almost edge-to-edge screen and a square notch. Unfortunately, a foldable phone like this is unlikely to have glasses as small as the render.

The second image shows several side profiles of the device when folded and unfolded. You can see the power and volume buttons on the right side as well as the SIM slot, charging port and speaker grille at the bottom. The hinge resembles that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Overall, this is an interesting rumor. Huawei already has a foldable one, the Mate X, so it’s no surprise that the company is working on others. Given the positive response to the Galaxy Z Flip, it’s also not surprising that Huawei is working on a vertical foldable. However, it remains to be seen what the finished product looks like. These renderings – which must be taken with a grain of salt – make the alleged Mate V look like the Z Flip. Although I imagine there will be similarities, there will likely also be major differentiators with the finished product.

Source: Ben Geskin (enBenGeskin)


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