How to take advantage of Amtrak’s latest berth service offer


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Given concerns about social remoteness and the aerial transmission of the coronavirus, train travel across the country seems to be an even worse idea than getting on a plane at the moment, but sometimes it is enough to get around the country. The general reluctance of Americans to travel certainly has an impact on the rail giant Amtrak, which has cut service and laid off 20 percent of its workforce in the middle of the pandemic. Yet Amtrak hopes to be able to entice you to buy a ticket with a BOGO voucher (buy one, get one for free) on its berth service – an attractive offer that I find it hard to recommend to anyone who hasn’t absolutely need to travel right now, given the current state of our nation.

That said, if you must travel, here’s how you can pay a lot less than you normally would for the honor of riding on rails in your own private sleeper car.

Until July 17, you can buy a ticket for the Accommodation in “roomette” and get a second ticket for the same trip for free. Roomettes are simply “sleeping cars” in which the seats recline in a bed. The rooms also include a large window, towels and sheets, as well as a private bathroom and shower.

Although obviously perfect for couples, if you are traveling alone, buying the second “free” ticket guarantees that no one will share the room with you. These tickets will be valid from July 13 to September 20, 2020.

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As Amtrak spokesperson Olivia Irwin said in a press release, “All guests in private rooms have free lounge access at major stations, priority boarding and free meals on board. “

Passengers must wear a face cover on trains and in stations, except when they are in their private room.

Roomettes are offered on these train lines only:

  • California Zephyr
  • Capitol Limited
  • Cardinal
  • City of new orleans
  • Coast Starlight, Crescent
  • empire builder
  • Lake Shore Limited
  • Money service
  • Southwest Chef
  • Sunset Limited
  • Texas Eagle.

For all the details on the BOGO agreement, go to Site d’Amtrak, where the terms and conditions of this agreement are detailed.


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