How to Burn Over 80,000 Calories – Without Exercising


Homeowners burn over 80,000 calories per year – gardening and DIY.In a typical year, proud British people will spend a total of 165 hours – the equivalent of almost a week – potting around the garden and repairing their homes.

During that time, they’ll burn 6,384 calories in weeding, 3,466 calories in pruning, and 3,852 calories in watering the garden.

And although mowing the lawn may be considered more of a therapeutic task than a complete workout, adults manage to lose 4199 calories per year by doing just that.

In the house itself, they will also burn 2,161 calories when removing the wallpaper, 4,145 by painting the walls and 433 by hammering nails over the course of a year.

Doing DIY Can Help You Burn Calories

Commissioned by Draper Tools, the study of 2,000 owners found that 39% did not tend to think of gardening as a way of exercising, while 57% thought the same of DIY.

However, with all of the jobs they have done recently in and around the home, half said they felt they were working more than usual.

Kev Smith of Draper Tools said, “It just goes to show that DIY and gardening are not only good for your home, but also for your health.

“The amount burned in a typical year equals 349 Mars bars or 312 Big Macs – that’s a lot of food.

“In addition to being good for you physically, DIY and gardening also help a lot of people to relax and unwind, and you also have something to show for your efforts – a beautiful house.” “

DIY can also help people relax and unwind
DIY can also help people relax and unwind

The study also found that respondents would burn a total of 1,924 calories when sawing items in a typical year, as well as 1,293 during pressure washing and 588 as a result of building flat furniture. .

Even small tasks like painting furniture or filling holes with plaster will lose 394 and 760 calories, respectively.

And they’ll also shave 221 calories over a typical 12-month period while putting up shelves and 702 when hanging pictures on walls.

In the garden, those surveyed will burn 3,799 calories while digging, 4,194 cutting tree branches and 2,659 planting seeds and shrubs.

Painting exterior walls and fences will produce 3,661 calories, and transporting stones, wood, compost bags, bags of soil and other heavy objects will also burn 3,029 calories per year.

In addition, harvesting home-grown fruits and vegetables will burn 3,118 calories each year.

The Draper Tools study conducted via OnePoll also found that 73% of homeowners see gardening as a good way to relax and unwind, and 47% feel the same way about DIY.

As such, seven in ten find that they tend to get so lost in the task when they improve the house and do some gardening that they find that the hours can simply “go away”.

More than half said they get so carried away that they tend to take fewer breaks than they would if they were at work.

And 67% said that doing DIY or gardening work at a good level was more satisfying than doing good work in the workplace.

Kev Smith of Draper Tools added, “A lot of us have recently tried new home workouts, but you could argue that DIY and gardening can be just as effective in helping us stay active and healthy. health.

“However, as with more traditional exercises, it’s important not to overdo it and take regular breaks. “

Time expenditure and calories burned on DIY and gardening tasks in a typical year

  • Dead plants – 497 minutes and 3,047 calories Size – 562 minutes and 3,466 calories
  • Water the garden – 680 minutes and 3852 calories Plant seeds or plants – 476 minutes and 2659 calories
  • Mow the lawn – 707 minutes and 4199 calories Insecticide spray – 189 and 1125 calories
  • Add mulch to flower beds – 261 minutes and 1,583 calories Turn over the soil – 319 minutes and 3,147 calories
  • Dig – 385 minutes and 3,799 calories Heavy lifting such as carrying stones, wood, bags of compost, bags of soil, etc. – 307 minutes and 3,029 calories
  • Raking – 364 minutes and 3,592 calories Wall / fence painting – 371 minutes and 3,661 calories
  • Cut the hedge – 389 minutes and 3838 calories Cut the branches – 425 minutes and 4194 calories
  • Weeding – 647 minutes and 6,384 calories Harvest of locally grown fruits and vegetables – 316 minutes and 3118 calories
  • Hoeing – 321 minutes and 3,168 calories Painting small objects like furniture – 82 minutes and 394 calories
  • Filling the holes (using a wall shutter) – 158 minutes and 760 calories Placing photos – 146 minutes and 702 calories
  • Setting up the shelves – 46 minutes and 221 calories Drilling holes – 57 minutes and 274 calories
  • Hammering nails – 99 minutes and 433 calories Building flat furniture – 123 minutes and 588 calories
  • Varnishing Items – 55 minutes and 264 calories Wallpaper Removal -219 minutes and 2161 calories
  • Painting the walls – 420 minutes and 4,145 calories Sawmills – 195 minutes and 1,924 calories
  • Sanding items – 93 minutes and 918 calories Tiling – 219 minutes and 2,161 calories
  • Wall cladding – 295 minutes and 2,911 calories Medium-sized room wallpaper – 272 minutes and 2,684 calories
  • Using a pressure washer – 131 minutes and 1,293 calories


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