How New York City Tech Companies Participated in the Covid-19 Response Effort


The shutdown order sidelined many industries – including hospitality, entertainment, and real estate – but tech companies have long touted themselves as architects of disruption. During Crain The Tech 25 panel On Thursday, executives detailed how they reworked their existing software infrastructures, launching new models and partnering with the government.In fact, the shutdown order led to Foursquare’s next venture: The West 23rd Street-based location technology company created custom dashboards for state governor’s offices across the country. The dashboards showed how people were complying with shelter-in-place orders, said Dennis Crowley, co-founder and executive chairman.

“If we put a shelter in place for that particular county, is that preventing people from going to certain places? Or are people starting to sneak in and go to different kinds of places? Crowley said. “A classic example of how it was used in the beginning was to understand: were beaches a problem for people who congregated in certain counties, in certain different states?”

Via, a New York-based transportation technology company, has partnered with transit agencies around the world, including Berlin and Abu Dhabi, to transport essential workers, chief executive Daniel Ramot said . He added that the company was also moving meals, diapers and other essentials.

” I believe [that] During crises are the best time for your teams to come together to forge, and the best time to start a business, ”said Eric Kinariwala, Founder and CEO of Capsule, a Manhattan digital pharmacy whose relevance has expanded during the pandemic. “With the difficulties that crises bring, truly incredibly strong business models can persist.”


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