How Netflix adapted 90s books


Photo: Kailey Schwerman / Netflix

Lucia Aniello has seen many potential reboots pass through her office. It almost always passes. But three years ago, when his agent asked him if there was whatever from her childhood with which she would like to work, she had an instant response.

“There is only one thing,” replied Aniello. ” And his The Baby-Sitters Club. ”

If you know the canon of author Ann M. Martin and her team of ghosts, it’s easy to imagine what Aniello’s childhood library should have looked like: row after row of these colorful Care Bear covers, start by Kristy’s big idea and grow into a franchise that has released over 200 installments, including spin-offs and super specials. In the books, told by alternate members of the Baby-Sitters Club, a group of best friends met every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the candy-filled room of Claudia Kishi – because, of course, she was the only one with her own telephone – for calls in the field from neighbors looking for qualified childcare services at competitive prices.


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