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  • Marvel movies and TV series will never be the same again without Iron Man, who sacrificed his life in an iconic scene at the end of End of Game to save everyone.
  • But there have been rumors that Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. may be able to work towards a return to the life of Iron Man and the Avengers.
  • There are ways to bring back the superhero without breaking the bank End of Game, and the scenario that begins with phase 4 of the MCU can make all of this possible.

Iron Man is one of the three original Avengers who retired in End of Game, although the word “retired” does not do justice to the character’s bow. Tony Stark finally made the sacrificial game, he opted for the ultimate backup which would guarantee that everyone he loved would survive the greatest conflict the planet has ever seen. And he died shortly after snapping his fingers. That’s what’s great about the way Infinity Saga concluded. Infinity War and End of Game are not your usual movies where all the characters you love make it alive at the end while defeating all the bad guys. As in real life, sacrifices must be made and heroes have died. Black Widow also died, and Captain America actually retired to a different world. It’s the sacrifice the Avengers made to beat Thanos for good.

With that in mind, I have often argued that bringing one of these heroes back into the main MCU universe in the future would ruin the End of Game heritage. However, there is a wonderful way to bring these heroes back into main reality.End of Game future without actually stealing them the heroics of the last Avengers Payment. And if there is one hero that most fans want to recover, it’s Iron Man.

There is more and more talk recently that Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. are working to bring Iron Man back. Nothing is official, of course, and we have yet to see any credible rumors from the usual insiders.

Everyone has ideas for resuscitating Tony Stark, and Joe Rogan came up with one in an interview with RDJ. The Avengers would just need Iron Man, and they had just started this time machine and brought it from somewhere.

If anything, Marvel has already prepared us for an MCU where the characters we love aren’t exactly the characters we love. The Loki who will appear in Loki is not our Loki. It was the Loki of 2012 who managed to escape from the Avenges after grabbing the space stone. Everything the original Loki did to redeem itself from that moment until Thanos killed it has been erased. We are now going to witness a different Loki who will somehow land in the MCU.

The new Gamora is a 2014 version of the beloved Guardian, who has not yet fallen in love with Quinn. Thanos killed Gamora in Infinity War to get the Soul Stone. She wouldn’t have been brought back once the Hulk snapped his fingers End of Game because his death is part of a transaction that cannot be reversed. It is a soul for a soul, like Natasha. Therefore, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will show us a different Gamora.

End of Game also brought us the second version of Thanos, the one that came from the reality of 2014, and which was finally turned into ashes on Earth. The same goes for the 2014 nebula, which infiltrated the Avengers to get his father through the time machine.

Let’s not forget that even Steve Rogers retired in 1948 in an alternative reality where it already exists. The original version of him sleeps under the ice and will continue to do so for several decades.

Add to that the shape-changing Skrulls that can turn into anyone, and you start to realize that Marvel is slowly training audiences to face a universe where everything is not what it seems. Or better, some of our favorite heroes are not really the characters we fell in love with. They just look like the originals. The new Loki and Gamora are the best examples.

This prelude brings us to CBR YouTube video at the end of this post that explains how Iron Man could get back to the MCU. As you might expect by now, the only way to bring Tony Stark back and End of Game the story is intact by having RDJ play a different version of Iron Man. But this Iron Man would not come from the past as Rogan suggested.

Instead, Iron Man would be reunited with the Avengers via the Secret wars scenario. A different version of Stark would find himself forced to join the Avengers from the main MCU timeline in the fight of their lives. Or, better yet, this alternative Iron Man could be one of the villains our Avengers should overcome in one of the future key films for the next MCU phases.

What’s really great is that it would work perfectly. RDJ would receive a new plan for this variation of Stark character. He would still deliver much of the Tony that we have come to love in his interactions with the Avengers. But whether he’s a friend or an enemy, this one would be a very different Tony, and Marvel could take the character on a very different arc.

Even so, what seems clear is that no matter which version of Tony Stark returns to the MCU, it cannot be a central part of the main MCU story. Even if it’s different, Iron Man can’t be the main Avenger, and that’s because of what happened in End of Game. It’s clear that Marvel wants to explore other characters, and we have a lot of superheroes that we haven’t even seen. No matter how brilliant the script for bringing Tony back, it is still part of the old guard that is being replaced.

Marvel could make a similar move with other missing characters, including Black Widow, Captain America, and anyone else who may have disappeared recently. That’s why the Secret wars the story is so exciting. We will have to wait for phase 4 to start where the story is going. Meanwhile, CBR provides an excellent summary of the Secret wars story and provides examples of alternative Iron Men who can join the Avengers.

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