How faith evolved during the coronavirus era


Faith during the coronavirus pandemic has continued to evolve.When places of worship closed their doors to service, they intensified in another way by becoming temporary testing sites. In May, New York State partnered with Northwell Health to create testing facilities in majority-minority churches.

And although many were forced to stay at home, they still reported a growth in faith. About 24% of Americans say their faith got stronger during the pandemic, and just 2% say it got weaker, according to the Pew Research Center.

Virtual services, while not ideal, have helped open the door for others who might not have visited a place of worship otherwise.

“What I noticed was the number of people who maybe went to church regularly, but not their spouse, and when they started watching TV, their spouse was watching them. And at that time, they grew together in their faith, ”Bishop Kieran Harrington, vicar of communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn, told NY1.

New York’s religious institutions have been given the green light to reopen at 25% capacity.

Harrington was a guest on NY1’s One New York on Friday morning.


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