Hong Kong Police Force Extended Under New Security Law | News from the world


Hong Kong police have obtained extensive new powers, including the ability to conduct warrantless raids and covertly monitor suspects, after controversial security laws were imposed on the city by the Chinese central government.These powers allow for the confiscation of property related to national security offenses and allow senior police officials to order the removal of documents online which they claim are breaking the law. The city manager may grant the police permission to intercept communications and conduct covert surveillance. The penalties include fines of HKD $ 100,000 (£ 10,300) and up to two years in prison.

They also allow police to enter premises and search warrant-free evidence “in exceptional circumstances”, to prevent investigated persons from leaving Hong Kong and to request information from organizations and foreign and Taiwanese political agents on their Hong Kong-related activities.

The new powers were revealed when the Hong Kong authorities released “implementing rules” on Monday and quickly used them to quell democratic behavior, such as holding a protest sign.


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