Hollywood players, coaches and stars pumped for Kraken announcement


The Seattle Kraken are here and they’re letting everyone know.

The nickname for the new NHL team was unveiled on Thursday, and players, coaches and fans got louder for their arrival.The team tweeted a photo of their dazzling new logo floating on a flag above Seattle’s most famous landmark, the Space Needle.

Tweet from @NHLSeattle_: Let our monster flag fly pic.twitter.com/fxKifbY1Zs

The team also uploaded a fantastically produced hype video.

Tweet from @NHLSeattle_: A Deep Awakening Legend Meet the Seattle Kraken https://t.co/to5BtVVPh1 pic.twitter.com/FQfOdaiGQQ

The moniker, logos, and color scheme got the league talking, and not just what exactly a Kraken is.

“It’s like a sea monster, or something. That’s great – the Seattle Sea Monsters, ”Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno said. “A pretty cool logo, pretty cool jerseys. Something different. I wasn’t expecting those colors but I think it works and it’s just great to see that we have a really good franchise, obviously, coming up and it’s a great opportunity for a lot of players as well. ”

“I think that’s a great name to be honest. It’s pretty cool, ”said the Montreal Canadiens defenseman. Marco Scandella said. “The Kraken is a bit like a mythical squid-like creature, isn’t it? I think it’s cool, I’m going to have a cool logo. It’s unique, so I totally agree. I need to see (the logo) first, but I like the name.

Washington capitals forward TJ Oshie vient d’Everett, Washington.

“I guess being from Everett… I was hoping they would go with the Totems, the team I played with and my coach… who I grew up with, he’s got the Seattle Totems over there. so maybe I was hoping they were going to join an NHL team. But Kraken is different, ”Oshie said. “I think more important than the name, I think it’s very exciting for the people of Seattle and Washington in the Pacific Northwest to start a hockey there and have another team to play. to encourage. ”

Several coaches also weighed in on the big news.

“I think that’s a great name. I like this. I like names that refer to the region or the people who own the team. It’s unique, ”said Vegas Golden Knights coach Pete DeBoer. “Maybe a little unexpected when I heard it, but as it settled in I’m a huge fan. I think it’s great that we have another franchise… Big city, I think it’s going to take time. ”

“The name Kraken, I like it, I like it very much. So that I can go out now and put a name, logo and uniform on it, I think it all becomes more real. That’s exciting. I can’t wait to go play there, ”said Colorado Avalanche coach Jared Bednar.

Calgary Flames coach Geoff Ward missed the initial deployment because he attended coaching meetings, but caught up with the excitement thereafter.

“It’s great that they finally got to get through their day with the announcement,” Ward said. “Now it will be fun to see how it goes. … Now you move on to those decisions about filling your staff, filling your coaching. Now the really fun part begins. Now that it’s happened, it will be interesting to watch how they play out in a moment. ”

Outside of the NHL, there was a lot of excitement for the Kraken.

Actress Lana Condor, star of the Netflix series “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” appeared in a video to promote the Team Store, the proceeds of which will help end homelessness among youth.

Tweet from @NHLSeattle_: Be like @lanacondor and head over to our online store to purchase limited edition #ReleaseTheKraken products now! 100% of net profits will go to local organizations, including @YouthCareSEA, which serve BIPOC youth and families https://t.co/AlTznaM8Xy pic.twitter.com/dEg4NW6O17

Luke Willson of the Seattle Seahawks was quite excited about the new name.

Tweet from @ LWillson_82: Absolutely love the new name @NHLSeattle_, the Kraken is going dummy… And the logo absolutely bangs too. I’m hypnotized for the city right now. #ReleaseTheKraken 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Longtime New Jersey Devils fan filmmaker Kevin Smith also shared his enthusiasm.

Tweet from @ThatKevinSmith: FINALLY! A little bit of good news in 2020! @NHL launches KRAKEN at SEATTLE! The most metal name in hockey since @NJDevils! The clashes between the Devils and the Kraken seem almost Lovecraftian! https://t.co/iae54quLaw

Of course, Gritty got involved with a completely unbiased suggestion for the team’s mascot.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: I found your mascot @NHLSeattle_ pic.twitter.com/VQsnSIrP2N

Former NHL goalie Roberto Luongo did what he does, tweeting a joke.

Tweet from @ strombone1: So not Seattle Water? https://t.co/K99lncdzyC

The Carolina Hurricanes were in full swing to brag about how they guessed the name beforehand.

Tweet from @Canes: For the record, we called it pic.twitter.com/AgDCreATK8

And the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Miami Heat of the NBA wanted to welcome the Kraken to an exciting club.

Tweet from @TBLightning: Singular names for hockey teams forever 🤝

Tweet from @MiamiHEAT :. @ NHLSeattle_ another pro team whose name does not end with S 😎 Welcome to an exclusive club, Kraken!

The Kraken hit the ice in 2021.


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