“Historical Corruption”: Republicans and Democrats Respond to Trump’s Stone Decision | US news


The White House statement

In a statement released Friday evening, the White House denounced Stone’s prosecution of charges stemming from the “Russian hoax” investigation. “Roger Stone has already suffered a lot,” the statement said. “He was treated very unfairly, like many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man! “

Donald J. Trump

Roger Stone was targeted by an illegal witch hunt that should never have taken place. It was the criminals on the other side, including Biden and Obama, who spied on my campaign – AND WERE TAKEN!

July 11, 2020

Robert Mueller, former special advocate

“The work of the special council office – its report, indictments, guilty pleas and convictions – should speak for itself,” Robert Mueller wrote in an opinion piece for the Washington Post on Saturday.

“But I feel compelled to respond to both the general allegations that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives inappropriate, and to the specific allegations that Roger Stone was a victim of our office … Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he had committed federal crimes. He remains a convicted criminal, and rightly so. “


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