Hero Within brings 1984 Wonder Woman clothes to Comic-Con @ Home


For the first time ever, San Diego Comic-Con is taking place online. This is an unprecedented change in an unprecedented time – but the wonders of Comic-Con are still accessible to us through the IGN Comic-Con @ Home livestream, online cosplay events and merchandise opportunities, including including the Hero Within superhero lifestyle brand. We’re excited to announce their official Wonder Woman 1984 collection, which debuts during SDCC.We caught up with Hero Within founder and all-around Comic-Con expert Tony Kim to explain these Wonder Woman pieces inspired by the years. 80 and its history with the convention, but first, check out the Wonder Woman 1984 collection below.

Steve Trevor retro jacket

Hero Within designed this retro Steve Trevor jacket to complement any cosplay (or non-cosplay) wardrobe. Hero Within has included many subtly cheesy details in the jacket, including the Wonder Woman logo on the inside of the liner, on the zipper and on the pockets. The back even features Wonder Woman’s WW logo in large stitched font. The retro Steve Trevor jacket will be available on the Hero Within website for US $ 99.00.

Waist bag WW84

If you’ve seen the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, you know Steve Trevor rocks an awesome Fanny Pack. Hero Within offers its own version with the WW84 waist bag. It features three pockets and a unique Wonder Woman 1984 branding. The bum bag will be available on the Hero Within website for $ 20.00 USD.

T-shirt de combat de Wonder Woman 1984

This Wonder Woman 1984 battle t-shirt features a sturdy, battle-worn movie logo. The scuffed double W’s seem symbolic of Diana’s relentless determination to stand up for what she believes in. The t-shirt is available in the classic Wonder Woman red and yellow color scheme and is available in both men’s and women’s styles. it will be available on the Hero Within website for US $ 24.00.

Mask of hero hope in the logo

In the age of social distancing, Hero Within created a mask in classic Superman colors. While not part of their Wonder Woman 1984 collection, this item is perfect for anyone who wants to support a small business while sporting a “superhero mask.” Superman’s colors accompany the message “everything starts with hope”. The Hero Within Logo Hope mask will be available on the Hero Within website for US $ 8.00.

RIP 2020 Enamel Pin

Enamel pins are all the rage these days, whether you collect pins at conventions or at Disneyland, or prefer fandom pins or a little more sarcastic pins. This RIP SDCC 2020 pin is perfect for anyone looking to commemorate this year of Comic-Con, even if that doesn’t happen in person. The 2020 SDCC RIP Enamel Pin will be available for US $ 6.00 in Comic-Con @ Home on the HeroWithin website. Its price will increase on Monday July 27 to $ 8.00 USD.

Meet the founder

Tony Kim launched the Hero Within lifestyle brand in 2016. After years of enjoying Comic-Con as an attendee, panel moderator, panelist, and volunteer, Kim began collaborating with designer Michael Lew, and Hero Within was born. Since the inception of the brand, they have partnered with Marvel, Star Trek, DC Comics, and Comic-Con International. Take a look at the Hero Within Wonder Woman 1984 collection below.

Below, Kim explains the process of designing the new collection.

IGN: As a Comic-Con veteran, what do you think of the scam going live this year?

Tony Kim: Honestly, it was really tough both personally and professionally. For me, Comic-Con has been the biggest event of the year since I moved to California. [I’ve been] since 2006… It is the annual meeting of my group of friends and in recent years it has become the most profitable event for my company, Hero Within. I totally respect Comic-Con International’s decision to cancel, but after a long and difficult 2020, I think we were all hoping it would somehow get us back to normal. Needless to say, I’ll be pretty depressed during Comic-Con week!

IGN: How can SDCC fans support vendors during this unusual time in our lives?

Tony Kim: Everyone is in pain right now, so I just don’t mean spending money on vendors. While it helps, awareness can be even more helpful. If fans can use their voice and social media platforms to promote their fellow suppliers to other fans, that would go a long way. In an age when there are too many options and not enough time to explore, personal endorsements mean a lot. Fans who ask other fans to shop can help our community of fans through this pandemic.

IGN: Tell us about the Wonder Woman ’84 collaboration. How did it happen?

Tony Kim: With the first Wonder Woman movie being my favorite among the new generation of DC movies, I was so excited for this sequel. It is unfortunate that the original version was pushed back from last year to this year. Then, as we all know, the movie industry was shut down, pushing the film to the end of 2020. The constantly moving lens makes development and production quite tricky. Warner Bros have been great and they have done everything they can to provide so many resources and information. [as possible]. It’s a bit of a risk to release products this early with the movie still not coming out for at least four months, but we can’t sit there and have to generate some income. So it was not the ideal situation, but we are all doing our best.

IGN: What was your process for adapting this’ 80s superhero adventure?

Tony Kim: I love the 80s! Big hair, loose clothes and puffy shoulder pads! Our team had a lot of fun imagining pieces that reflected the aesthetic of the 80s. However, we didn’t want everything to reflect that era. Our Wonder Woman collection is therefore a mix of modern and retro style. It’s also part of it, as we’ll be releasing it later this year. For Hero Within, our brand is more subtle and sophisticated, so we’ve avoided crazy neon lights or parachute pants (for now). We always want to provide everyday fashion for modern fans, so I think we’ve struck a good balance. But more than the 80s, we have always wanted to celebrate women heroes of culture, offering fashion for women AND men. Diana is not a role model for one gender, but she is a hero for all of us. Unlike many other superheroes, Wonder Woman is all about peace and acceptance, which is what we all need right now.

IGN: Do you have a favorite Wonder Woman?

Tony Kim: It’s difficult! I love Linda Carter and Gal Gadot! However, the version of Wonder Woman that really influenced me was George Perez’s WW comic book from the 80s. My parents immigrated to the United States just before I was born. Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian community, I felt like a misfit. Perez’s story of Diana coming to America and finding her purpose really resonated with me and helped inform a lot of who I would become as an adult.

Lauren Gallaway is Social Media Coordinator for IGN. She can’t wait to see Wonder Woman 1984, even after all the delays. Find her tweeting on @LaurenGallaway and streaming to Glimpse Entertainment on Twitch.


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