Here’s Why Fans Think The Weeknd’s ‘Snowchild’ Is About Selena Gomez


Pop culture detectives never take days off, even if it’s for Le weekend.On Wednesday morning, the musician released the official music video for his latest song “Snowchild”. In the finished product which has already received almost half a million views on YouTube at press time, The Weeknd pays homage to its past by remembering its many characters.

Shortly after the video was released, some fans couldn’t help but analyze the footage and recount it to his ex-girlfriend. Selena Gomez.

For starters, the clip was released on the same day as Selena’s 28th birthday, and balloons appear in the first 20 seconds of the video.

A Twitter user pointed out houses and stairs that may seem familiar to the “Come and Get It” performer from previous photo ops.

And perhaps another coincidence is the simple fact that “Snowchild” was previously listed on Selena’s “Cooking Together” Spotify playlist in April. Maybe the new clip is how The Weeknd gives his ex a birthday present?


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