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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida – Young New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson suffered leg cramps this week and missed parts of training before leaving the team on Thursday, sources told The Pelicans announced Thursday that Williamson had left the Disney campus on Thursday to deal with an urgent family medical problem. Williamson was seen by medical personnel during a recent practice, but he is “fine” and the cramps were “not a problem,” said a source. The cramps aren’t the reason Williamson left, the source added, but it’s something he took care of.

The Pelicans added Thursday that Williamson should join the team at some point in the restarted season, but did not provide a schedule. According to protocols set by the NBA and accepted by the players’ union governing life in the Disney bubble, any player who leaves campus is subject to a 10-day quarantine upon return. In other words, unless the player is gone …


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