Here’s what we know from the “bomb” story that will shake the NFL team in Washington


Changing the name of the NFL team in Washington may not be the biggest story to come out of the organization this week. Cryptic tweets from local and national NFL writers indicate that something much bigger could be on the horizon, and now the sports world is waiting to see exactly what it could be.

Reports began to surface on Sunday evening. Nothing directly explained what was going to happen in the pipeline, except that it was “not pretty” or “disappointing and sad”.

The reason for the lack of details is unknown at this time. However, there are indications that the impending report is linked to the layoffs of pro personnel manager Alex Santos and assistant personnel manager Richard Mann II. The two men had been part of the organization for a long time, Santos having been hired in 2005 and Mann II having been hired in 2009.

While the football team undergoes a front office change after the dismissal of team president Bruce Allen in December, front office positions like those occupied by Santos and Mann II are generally unaffected by changes in coach. All indications suggest that this is a new scandal, but its nature is currently unclear.

It would not be the first time that a report of this nature has shaken the organization. In 2018, The New York Times revealed that the team used cheerleaders as “personal escorts” during the 2013 season for a trip to Costa Rica to entertain suite owners and main sponsors of the team. Report said cheerleaders were not supposed to have sex with men during the trip, but were coerced and felt “pulled” when asked to be part of a breast photo shoot naked for men. The team investigated the report internally, but avoided facing any punishment from the NFL.

The new report seems to be something bigger than even this story from 2018, and we will continue to update this article as new information emerges.


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