Here’s what the Surgeon General had to say about mask mandates


As coronavirus cases increase across the United States, the debate about whether to force Americans to wear a mask to slow the spread of the virus has intensified. Some states and cities have made it a requirement to wear a mask in certain situations, and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised everyone “to wear a cloth face covering when going out in public.”

And as protests against racism and police brutality continue across the country, Adams has again raised concerns about the use of masks and the police, saying in an interview with FOX 5 DC last week : people one more reason to arrest a black man. ”

Wearing a mask in an interview with CBS “Face the Nation” on Sunday, he doubled his concern and said that education on masks would benefit Americans.

“I am saying that if we are to have a mask mandate, we must understand what works best locally and statewide with education. We need people to understand why they do it and we need people to understand how they benefit from it, “said Adams. “Because if we are just trying to mandate it, you have to have an enforcement mechanism and we are in the middle of a time when over-policing has caused the deaths of many different people for very minor offenses and that is an important consideration. “

He continued, “As a general surgeon, I want people to understand why they should wear a face covering and they will be more likely to do so and more likely to do so voluntarily and they will be more likely to do so when we let’s not look at what’s important. ” Democrats have already called for a national mandate to wear the mask, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said last month that a federal mandate was “long overdue.” Adams also said on Sunday that the administration was trying to correct its earlier masking messages when officials told the Americans there was no need to wear masks, but admitted that “it is very difficult to do “.

“We are trying to correct this message, Margaret, but it is very difficult to do,” he said, adding that his previous comments that masks were not effective in preventing the spread of the virus were “because that everything we knew about coronaviruses before that “point told us that people were not likely to spread when they were asymptomatic. ”

“The main reason was because that’s what science said and I want the American people to understand that we follow science and that when we learn more, our recommendations change, but it’s difficult when people keep going to talk about things from three or four months ago, “he said.

After the interview, Adams tweeted a video of himself dancing and encouraging the use of the mask, saying, “The kids begged me to make a public health video,” adding that their message was to wear a mask. .

Nicky Robertson contributed to this report.


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