Here’s what Super Saturday looks like in Leeds as pubs reopen cautiously


Leeds city center is relatively quiet the first day pubs, bars and restaurants have opened since the foreclosure started.It has been over three months since downtown has closed its doors and today – dubbed Super Saturday – is finally the day when it should come back to life when the lock has been eased.

However, business is not as normal as new social distancing measures are in place for personal safety and entry must be booked in advance.

Thousands of people are still expected to head for a socially distant pre-booked drink or meal, or both.

While pubs were allowed to open from 7 a.m., the city center remained fairly quiet in the morning and early afternoon.

Merrion Street on Super Saturday

Briggate looked much busier than in the past few weeks, but some pubs remain closed and some outside seating areas have remained empty.

Most of the bars and restaurants on Merrion Street are open, but there are only a handful of people inside.

With live football games tonight, it can get busier throughout the day.

General Elliot on Vicar Lane remained closed.

James Imeson, who drove from Castleford to meet friends at the pub today, said LeedsLive: “My friends and I usually meet once a month. Some are coming, but others have said they will give it another week.

“I didn’t miss the pub too much – I’m a social drinker.

“It’s the first time we’ve met in three months – and the doors are locked! I thought I would come to get an idea of ​​where and how things are going.

“I’m not worried about going back to the pubs. I have my mask and my hand sanitizer. ”

However, that did not stop people from enjoying a day out of the house.

Jordan Clark, 23, and Faye Cowdell, 22, returned to Belgrave for the first time in months. They said, “We just wanted to go out. It changes to see the same four walls.

“I just want a pint. A real pint.

“We come here quite often. We love the rooftop bar with a nice jug of Pimms.

“I’m not really afraid to go out. Obviously, we have to take precautions, but I was surrounded by many people during the lockout because of work.

“I’m going to be as smart as I am in terms of following the guidelines. I just hope everyone does the same – but we’ll see! ”

Many companies have welcomed the easing of coronavirus locking measures and see the reopening as a vital move to support the financial future of our hotel industry.


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