Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards continue to impress teammates during Raiders training – The Athletic


LAS VEGAS – After attending Raiders player-led training sessions in Las Vegas as spectators, rookie receivers Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards have finally started training for the past two weeks – to receive criticism rave reviews from their teammates. “Henry and Bryan look really good,” tight end Derek Carrier said in a telephone interview. “Their ability to contribute immediately is very clear. I am so excited to see them on the pitch. This class project certainly has the capacity to do serious work in its first year. ”

Ruggs, the team’s first draft pick, was sidelined after the draft when he punctured his thigh in a movement accident. Edwards, a third-round pick, rehabilitated a broken foot.

“Ruggs is exactly as advertised,” said Carrier. “He’s so fast, it’s amazing.”

Even the defensive backs in training are impressed by the two recruits.

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