Heathrow boss calls for tests at airports to save summer tourist season


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Heathrow boss calls for airport tests to save summer

The chief executive of Heathrow airport has urged the government to allow passengers to be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival as part of a trial to save the summer tourist season. John Holland-Kaye said The telegraph that Heathrow could have an ‘operational’ test in two weeks, meaning holidaymakers who have just left for Spain could be screened – at a cost of £ 150 – upon arrival home. France and Germany are among at least 20 countries already using such tests to reduce the quarantine for arrivals from countries with high levels of coronavirus. The telegraph understands that Grant Shapps, the transportation secretary, is in favor of a lawsuit and has championed the idea at the Cabinet Covid subcommittee. Charles Hymas explains how the Heathrow coronavirus test would work.

It comes as British Airways is offering return flights to Europe for just £ 1 as part of its loyalty program, as airlines look to save the summer holidays. The airline, Britain’s largest, has offered the deals to its executive members, who are estimated at 10 million worldwide. Here are some of the destinations included. For those who are still determined to take a vacation in Spain, Jack Peak described what he needed to do to go on a trip – including purchasing war zone insurance. And for those who are giving up on the idea of ​​traveling abroad, a word of warning: Britain is running out of motorhomes to rent to vacationers as the number of “staycations” increases.

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It has become the hallmark of modern royalty: militant zeal to spur their favorite causes and convince the public of the best way to save the world. Princess Anne, with her trademark humility, today proposed a more modest approach, wondering if the “little knowledge” she acquires at work makes her “dangerous or well informed”. The Princess, who edited Country Life magazine in honor of her 70th birthday, shared her thoughts on how to save rural livelihoods, the result of 42 years running her own farm and as patron of countless rural charities. Find out how she thinks she benefited from listening to “masters of their subjects” while Bethan Holt reveals how a new documentary shows why the Princess Royal is in demand again.

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