Heath Slater Appears at Slammiversary


Heath Slater made a surprise appearance tonight at the Impact’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.Slater jumped off the guardrail after a game on Saturday and stepped into the ring to do a promo. “They promised surprises, well… SURPRISE,” he said.

Heath then talked about The Rascalz’s open challenge, which had already been answered earlier that night by Motor City machine guns, and suggested he wanted to be part of it.

Slater then spoke about the mysterious person who was scheduled to fight in the main event later that night and said to enter him. He also said that he came to the Impact to make an Impact.

The former WWE star was then interrupted by Rohit Raji who called out Heath for being beaten by Drew McIntyre on Raw this month without specifically naming him. The two fought and Heath ended up on top.

Heath also found Rhino behind the scenes during the show, which led Scott D’Amore to walk around and remind him that he doesn’t really work there. He then asked Heath to leave as it is a closed plateau due to the pandemic. Rhino told Slater to come to the building on Tuesday and call him when he was outside.

Watch his appearances at the Slammiversary below.


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