Head Nurse Ruth May Confirms She Was Removed From Briefing Number 10 In The Middle Of Dominic Cummings Row | Political news


England’s chief nurse has confirmed she has been ‘kicked out’ from one of the daily Downing Street coronavirus briefings amid the controversy over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown travel.

Ruth May told MPs she was dropped from the list for briefing number 10 on June 1 when she had already prepared for her appearance.

It had previously been reported that the decision was made to fire Ms May after she refused to publicly support Monsieur Cummings.

England’s chief nurse Ms May told MPs she did not know why she was abandoned

At the time, the Prime Minister’s chief advisor was under enormous pressure to leave his post after being accused of flouting the UK. COVID-19[feminine[feminine lock rules.

Ms. May was asked about the report when she appeared before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee on Monday.

“It is true that I was excluded from a briefing, but it also happens to a lot of my colleagues,” she told MPs.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock at the June 1 meeting – but Ruth May was absent

“It’s a regular event. ”

But Ms May said she was unsure why she was removed from the media briefing.

Pressed as to whether she had been asked, in her preparations for the briefing, to defend Boris Johnson’s senior adviser, Ms May replied: “As in all press briefings, we talk about a lot of these prep issues.

“And yes of course I was asked about the lockdown and the lockout rules, yes. ”

Asked about her views at the time on the lockdown and Mr. Cummings’ actions, she replied, “I think in my opinion the rules were clear and they are there for everyone’s safety and they apply to all of us. ”

“They certainly apply to all of us, including me,” Ms. May added.

But, when asked if her opinions were the reason she was removed from the June 1 briefing, the head nurse from England replied: ‘I don’t know why I was excluded from the briefing. , I’m afraid of it.

“You should ask other people that. ”

She added: “People are reinforced and resigned at short notice.”

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Prof Van-Tam: “The rules are clear and they always have been”

Ms May’s scheduled appearance on June 1 came shortly after Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s Deputy Medical Director, used a Downing Street briefing to stress that the coronavirus lockdown rules were ‘clear ”And“ apply to all ”.

In a report from The Independent, a “senior NHS source” was cited as describing how Ms May was interviewed by a Number 10 adviser how she would answer a question about Mr Cummings.

“She refused to play the game and told them she would respond the same as Jonathan Van-Tam,” the source said.

“She was immediately withdrawn from the press briefing. ”

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who appeared at the June 1 briefing for which Ms May was absent, ignored a question about it in the House of Commons later Monday.

Labor shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “It is scandalous that the country’s oldest nurse has been silenced during the height of the pandemic because she was not. ready to tour Downing Street on Dominic Cummings’ blatant rule violation. ”

Daily press conferences have been a key part of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks.

On June 2, Number 10 announced it was dropping weekend briefings due to “significantly lower” audience figures.

On June 23, three months after the UK went into lockdown, Downing Street completely abandoned daily briefings in favor of ad hoc cabinet appearances.


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