Have EasyJet flights from Stansted, Newcastle and Southend been canceled and can I get a refund?


EASYJET has warned that it may close its hubs in Stansted, Southend and Newcastle, but what does this mean for passengers and can you get a refund if your flight is canceled?

The low-budget carrier currently has 163 planes in the UK at 11 airports, serving 546 routes and carrying over 52 million passengers per year.

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EasyJet could close three of its British hubs Credit: Alamy Live News

But his devastating new proposal, on which the budget carrier is currently consulting, could result in the loss of 5,000 jobs.

The travel industry has had a difficult time lately with millions of stranded flights because of government advice to travel abroad only when essential.

British Airways, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic have also announced job cuts and reduced operations at some regional hubs.

But what does this decision mean for easyJet flights and can you get a refund? Here’s what you need to know.

Has my easyJet flight to or from Southend, Stansted or Newcastle been canceled?

Easyjet says its decision to abandon Southend, Stansted and Newcastle as hubs is still being consulted on a decision that has yet to be made.

At this point, it is too early to know if flights will be canceled directly.

The economical carrier adds that the hubs will not be deleted until at least August, so flights before this date are not affected – although that does not mean that these flights will not be canceled due to other factors related to Covid- 19.

And even if easyJet removes the hubs, it says it will continue to fly to and from these airports.

An easyJet spokesperson said, “As we have just started this consultation and no decision has been made yet, the plans are to close these bases in late August so that customers booked to fly to or from these airports during the summer are not accordingly.

“These airports remain important network points for us and we will continue to serve them as destinations as part of our wider network. “

If my flight is canceled, can I get a refund?

If your flight is canceled, easyJet indicates that it will notify customers directly and inform them of their options.

It has already done so with flights canceled on an approximate basis of seven days consecutive to the foreign travel ban in the United Kingdom.

In this scenario, the low-budget carrier offers customers who have booked a flight only three options; a cash refund, a voucher plus a goodwill credit or a flight change.

There are slightly different rules for those booking package vacations – see the easyJet website for more information.

If you are having trouble reaching an agreement with easyJet, you can submit your request to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body.

EasyJet is a member of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited group – you can find information on how to file a complaint on the complaints agency’s website.

You may also consider filing your complaint with your travel insurer or card provider if you paid with a credit or debit card, as they may be able to issue refunds.

Credit card payments between £ 100 and £ 30,000 are covered by Article 75 of the Consumer Rights Act.

To start a claim, you must contact your credit card provider directly – Which one? has a free tool that can help you do that.

If you reserved by debit card, you may be able to request a refund through your bank using the chargeback system.

Claims apply to purchases made by debit or credit card for purchases under £ 100, and must be made within 120 days of the transaction.

To start a chargeback request, you must contact your card provider, but since this is not required by law, there is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed.

If you have travel insurance, it may be worth talking to your provider, but it is less likely to reimburse you as this should be the responsibility of the airline. Check the terms and conditions of your policy.

My flight has not been canceled. Can I get a refund?

If your flight has not yet been canceled, if you can, you should sit down until the time is near, as it may be abandoned in the meantime.

Alternatively, easyJet allows customers to change flights up to 14 days before flying – including to another airport – as many times as they want without paying an administration fee.

However, you will have to pay any price difference in the flight prices.

If you no longer wish to travel or change flights and your booking continues, you cannot request a refund from easyJet.

You are also unlikely to be able to make a claim with your travel insurance or card provider under section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act or chargeback.

In fact, easyJet provided the service you bought, even if you did not want to take it back.

If your flight continues and you have not traveled, you may however be entitled to a refund of government travel taxes, which you can request by selecting the “Request a refund of government tax” drop-down option on the contact. from easyJet. We form.

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