Harry and Meghan’s new book describes royal family as indifferent and dysfunctional | UK News


Some have touted him as Harry and Meghan’s side of the story, except the couple’s spokesperson insists they weren’t questioned for it.

One thing that quickly became clear, however, is that the authors have spoken to people very close to the couple, with or without their help – sources who want to sidestep the Sussexes in this most public family breakup.

Meghan and Harry with William and Kate in 2018

We knew things were bad between the couple and the royal family when this all first erupted; it was enough to listen to some of the interviews Harry and Meghan had given and read the statements they had posted on their Sussex Royal website.

This book, however, brings a new level of understanding of why the couple felt pressured to leave.

Harry and Meghan did not feel protected, did not know who they could trust within the royal household and felt that they had no choice but to get away from the ‘vipers’ in the palace.

The more you read, the more you get the impression that people want to clear things up publicly.

The Royal Family, and especially the Queen, have had to develop broad shoulders when it comes to people trying to delve into their family relationships over the years.

Who can forget the fallout from Andrew Morton’s Princess Diana biography.

While this new book doesn’t seem to be as explosive, the portrayal of the Windsors as indifferent, dysfunctional, and unable to sort out their own family issues without the palace assistants being involved is, I’m sure, going to wriggle.

The royal court is not doing well either.

For all the work over the decades to portray the monarchy as a modern institution, the descriptions of the gray suits, the allegations of leaks, and the briefings of households against each other, give the feeling of a royal court to the old one from another era, from a certain environment can say that it is still too traditional for a modern couple to flourish properly.

There is no doubt that the Sussexes are polarizing opinion. Some see the way they have acted as disrespectful to the Queen; others admire them as an avant-garde and inspiring couple.

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For the Royal Family, this will again raise questions about why they couldn’t find a way to use their star appeal.

On the flip side, the Sussexes’ view that they were “propelling the monarchy to new heights” may be seen as arrogant and blinded by some.

They may have stepped down from their royal duties but, as the Queen made clear in her January statement, they are still part of the family.

A family, which for the moment still seems very divided.


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