Hamilton avoids penalty for exceeding the limit of the track and maintains the first line of F1 | F1


Lewis Hamilton retained his start at the front row for the Austrian Grand Prix despite the cancellation of one of his lap times for being found in violation of track limits in the third quarter at the Red Bull Ring.Stewards said no further action was deemed necessary for a secondary allegation relating to a yellow flag violation during the same session.

Mercedes F1 driver threatened with possible grid penalty after being charged with two separate allegations, one of which is currently slowing enough for the yellow flags following Valtteri Bottas’ off-piste excursion at T3 and the other for non-compliance with the limits of the runway on lap 10

Among these, Hamilton was found guilty only of the latter, liable to a penalty of losing only this lap time.

Regarding the alleged violation of the yellow flag, the FIA ​​communication confirmed that the signals from the commissioners and the electronic panels of the time were contradictory. As such, Hamilton is confirmed to start alongside Bottas in the front row for the opening of the 2020 F1 season.

“The driver mentioned that he had passed a green light panel in turn five. Video footage confirmed that there were yellow flags and green light panels at the same time, and therefore conflicting signals were shown to the driver. In light of this, the commissioners decided to take no further action.

It’s a fortunate reprieve for Hamilton, who is heading towards this weekend to try to launch his bid for a seventh world F1 title for good. Nevertheless, he was eventually outclassed by Bottas when it counted towards qualifying.

“Valtteri did a fantastic job today with his knees, it’s amazing, I didn’t expect to have this kind of gap.

“We thought we were definitely fast enough to fight for the head, but there were different performances from other teams, sometimes fast, sometimes a little further, so this is the real demonstration of our car and we plan to improve that. “


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