Grimes of Reflection, it Goes Viral In the Pic Of Kanye And Elon


Grimes’ lewks stole the pic!!!

On Wednesday, Kanye West has shared a picture on Twitter of himself posing alongside Elon Musk, sub-titled, ” When you go to your boys [sic] house and you are both wearing orange. “

But instead of focusing their attention on men and their lack of COVID-19 precautions, there was somebody else in the image, which is fixed on: Grimes.


Grimes reflection appears on the glass behind them, showing her looking ridiculously fabulous for someone who is the photographer.

Grimes has finished trending on Twitter because people couldn’t get any more of his appearance in this image:

completely ignoring both of you to watch grimes in the window reflection taking the pic

The dirt has a better posture and the holding of two of them, it is not even in front of the camera

Some jokingly called the men to have Grimes take this photo to the left:

Other photo Grimes interact with Kim Kardashian:

Personally, would have liked to see Elon or Kanye taking a photo of Grimes and Kim spend time together. Ah, to be a fly on the wall during this hangout…

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