Greece plans second lockout after tourists bring spike


greece may reintroduce certain locking measures after the country has seen a spike in the cases of Covid-19 following the return of tourism.

There are now more active infections in Greece than at any time during the pandemic – 2,205 people in Greece are known to have the virus at this time.

On Friday, 60 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus, the highest daily number since April 21. Over 100 new cases reported in the past 10 days have been reported among incoming tourists.

British holidaymakers are expected to return to Greece from July 15, with British flights resuming on that date. However, the Greek authorities are now considering introducing more stringent foreclosure measures, potentially as early as tomorrow (July 13).

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas told local media, “We knew from the start that when we gradually opened the doors of the country to the world, we would have imported incidents.”

He added that he was “determined to protect the majority from the frivolous”.

This could mean tighter border controls, increased inspections in bars and restaurants and potentially the introduction of travel restrictions from countries with higher infection rates.

Since July 14, Bulgarians crossing the Greek border must provide proof that they have tested negative in the past 72 hours, after the country recorded a daily record of 330 new infections on Thursday last week.

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