Great Saturday live during the opening of pubs, restaurants and hairdressers


Three Tuns landylady Sue Hoe told Hull Live “it’s nice to finally be open again” and her partner Dave Whitehand, who runs the pub jointly with her, feels the same way.She said, “The past few months have been difficult. When a pub closes, it’s not just the owners who feel the affect.

“Our exceptional staff are on standby and working as a team, we have developed an action plan to ensure that the pub is safe for us and our customers.

“The pub has been open for 10 years now since it closed after the floods and it is the first time in the last 10 years that we have spent a day without opening.

“Although we don’t do our usual weekend entertainment, quizzes and live bands and singers, we still have music and conversations to keep the atmosphere alive.

“The one-way system for entering and leaving the premises works well, you enter the pub and disinfect your hands, speak to a member of our team to find out the rules and take the details of monitoring and tracing, then find your place to enjoy the pub, then when it’s time to go home, go out to the beer garden which has marked aisles to make sure people are safe and remote.

“Our brave staff wear all the PPE they feel comfortable with, and we communicate regularly with clients to make sure they have everything they need for fun.

“Our toilets and all surfaces are cleaned every 30 minutes. Many of the standards that have been introduced, we have been working for many years. Keeping the pub clean and safe has always been our priority.

“The only difference is a few fewer tables and only one person in the toilet at a time.

“Some of our customers say they are delighted to be back and we feel the same”.

The three tuns in Hull(Image: Richard Addison / Hull en direct)


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