GMB’s Dr. Hilary says weekend schedule for reopening pubs is “not wise”


Hello, Dr. Hilary Jones of Great Britain has questioned the government’s decision to reopen pubs for a weekend.He called the decision “unwise”, asking whether a date in the week rather than the weekend would have been more appropriate.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Tuesday that pubs, bars and restaurants could reopen on Saturday July 4 – but with certain restrictions in place.

Pubs closed in March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Hilary told Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins that he thought the reopening on a weekday could have helped control customer volumes.

Dr. Hilary called decision to reopen weekend pubs “not wise”

“We needed this day to come, right? Asked Ben, “Would you have liked it to be a more gradual reintroduction than the big moment it seems to be?” ”

“I think it is unfortunate that this is a weekend,” he said.

“If it was a Monday, things would naturally be a little more measured. The timing is strange, I think the timing of many things has been questionable.

Johnson warned that restrictions could be restored in the event of a new outbreak

“On July 10, they plan to open air travel again, is it not with the phasing out of quarantine in many countries. Why a Friday?

“I think for pubs in particular, being open again on a Saturday may not be so wise.

“If it had been a Monday, I think it would have made it much easier for pubs to contain the masses that could crowd it. “

Dam Cressida Urged Pub Lovers To Be “Calm And Sense”

Meanwhile, Britain’s top police officer urged pub fans to “be calm, reasonable” on Saturday.

Dame Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner, said the police were preparing for the day and had “additional resources in place.”

“Take care of yourself, take care of your family,” she told BBC Radio 4, “We are still in a global pandemic that is clearly affecting this country. “

Sadiq Khan clicked the tag “Super Saturday”

In the meantime, the Prime Minister has warned that the reopening “will only succeed if everyone works together” and that restrictions could be re-imposed in the event of a new outbreak.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan insisted, “This Saturday should not be considered a” super Saturday “or a New Year’s Eve.

“We have to remember that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, the virus is still there. “


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