GMB doctor Sarah Jarvis issues stern warning over rising rates of coronavirus infection in UK


As more than 4 million people are expected to be affected by new government lockdowns, Good Morning Britain health expert Dr Sarah Jarvis has issued a stern warning about rising rates of coronavirus infection across the UK. Late Thursday night, it was confirmed that new rules were imposed on Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and East Lancashire, meaning different households cannot come together inside from today (Friday).

Urging people to be vigilant, Dr Jarvis revealed that infection rates in these areas are almost double that of other areas and explained, “It must be such a challenge. I woke up this morning. Because of this huge group of people affected. Bradford nearly half a million.

“Not only are the infection rates in a lot of these areas, twice in some parts of the country… they’re increasing. “

Dr Jarvis said she “felt for the government” as the new foreclosure rules sent shockwaves through many different communities like Oldham, Rochdale, Burnley and Bradford.

Announcing the changes on Thursday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: ‘We are constantly vigilant and have looked at the data and unfortunately we have seen in parts of the north of England an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus.

“The spread is largely due to households getting together and not respecting social distancing. Thus, from midnight tonight, people from different households will not be allowed to meet indoors in these areas.

“We are taking this action with a heavy heart, but we can see increasing rates of covid across Europe and we are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep people safe.”


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