Global PC shipments increase as anti-coronavirus fuels enter Chromebooks


Global PC shipments increased in the second quarter, driven by demand for COVID-19, with Chromebooks increasing sharply – but that demand should not remain the case next year, according to industry monitoring companies .
International Data Group said Thursday that second quarter global PC shipments increased 11.2% from the same period a year earlier to 72.3 million units. This is a significant change from the first quarter as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains as demand increased.

“The high demand for homework and online training needs has surpassed previous expectations and has once again placed the PC at the heart of consumers’ technology portfolios,” said Jitesh Ubrani, director of research at IDC’s Mobile Device Trackers. .
“What remains to be seen is whether this demand and this high level of use continues during a recession and in the post-COVID world, as budgets decrease while schools and workplaces reopen”, a said Ubrani.

The role Chromebooks – those PCs that run on GOOG from Alphabet Inc.,
+ 1,00%
+ 1,00%
Google Chrome operating system – played in the boost was evident when comparing the IDC figures to those of the research firm Gartner, which does not include Chromebooks in their figures.
Gartner said PC shipments worldwide increased 2.8% to 64.8 million units in the second quarter compared to the same period a year earlier, driven by growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – a difference of 7.5 million units.
“After the PC supply chain was severely disrupted in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, part of this quarter’s growth was due to distributors and retail channels that have restocked their supplies to near normal levels, “said Mikako Kitagawa, director of research. at Gartner, in a press release.
Selon IDC, HP Inc. HPQ,
shipments jumped 17.7% to 18.1 million units, surpassing former market leader Lenovo Group Ltd. 992,
+ 1.87%,
which saw shipments increase 7.4% to 17.4 million. Dell Technologies Inc. DELL,
shipments increased 3.5% to 12 million PCs, Apple Inc. AAPL,
+ 0,35%
shipments jumped 36% to 5.6 million units, and Acer group shipments increased 12.7% to 4.8 million units.
Without Chromebooks, Lenovo barely stays ahead, according to Gartner data. Lenovo’s shipments increased 4.2% to 16.2 million units, while HP shipped about 32,000 fewer than Lenovo, up 17.1% to just under 16.2 million units. Dell shipments fell 0.3% to 10.6 million units, Apple shipments increased 5.1% to 4.4 million units, and Acer shipments jumped 23 , 6% to 4 million units, according to Gartner.


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