Gigi Hadid applauds Black saying she “disguises” her baby


Gigi Hadid sets the record straight.The 25-year-old model recently announced a post for posting an article suggesting that she was “disguising” her growing baby bump with her fashion choices.

Earlier this week, British Vogue published an article on Gigi’s pregnancy. The outlet explained that during an Instagram Live, the model answered the question of a fan not to have “belly”.

The 25-year-old star replied: “This angle and the really wide combination make an optical illusion. On the side, it’s another story! ”

However, Gigi clears the air and applauds the publication for its misleading title.

“Disguise…. “She started her caption on Twitter, which was directly in response to British Vogue‘s post on the social media platform. “I said in a baggy jumpsuit that the front and side views are visually different stories – not that it was intentional or that I was trying to hide anything. I will be proud and happy to share information when I feel like it, thank you. “


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