Ghislaine Maxwell, who hid from the FBI in a secret mansion and wrapped her cell phone in aluminum foil, was released on bail


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When the officers approached the front door, they saw Maxwell out the window, trying to “run away” rather than answer them. The FBI finally forced to “open” Maxwell’s door to enter and only arrested Maxwell after being found “in an interior room of the house,” according to the government.

After a search of his home, officers found the cell phone on a desk, aluminum foil prosecutors called “an unsuccessful effort to escape detection, not by the press or the public, which of course did not would not be able to locate his phone or intercept his communications, but by law enforcement. ”

A Maxwell security guard later told officers that his brother had hired former members of the British military to guard it 24 hours a day. Maxwell provided one of the guards with a credit card issued to the name of the same limited company that purchased the New Hampshire home in cash last year. The caretaker stated that Maxwell had not left the property during his working time for her, saying that he had ordered him to buy things for the estate.

“As these facts clearly show, there should be no doubt that the accused is able to live in hiding,” said the prosecutor.


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