Ghislaine Maxwell: Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime partner arrested, source said


Maxwell has been taken into custody and is expected to appear in court later today, the person said. It is not known where she was arrested or where her initial appearance will take place.

Maxwell, whose fate is unclear since Epstein’s arrest last summer, has been investigated by the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan for facilitating the recruitment of Epstein girls and women. She has been named in several trials by women who have claimed to have been abused by Epstein.

Before his death, Epstein was charged with running a trafficking business in which he paid hundreds of dollars in cash to girls as young as 14 for having sex with him in his house. Upper East Side and his estate in Palm Beach, worked with employees and associates to lure the girls into his homes and paid some of his victims to recruit other girls to abuse them.

Following Epstein’s suicide in August 2019, public pressure intensified to hold those who helped him – perhaps including Maxwell and a coterie of young women who allegedly worked under him – responsible not only of his acts, but also of their own acts. the roles.

In this investigation, Maxwell remained an important target. She denied any wrongdoing and, in one statement, called at least one of her accusers a “liar.”


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