George Floyd’s death body video posted on CNN


Floyd was sobbing when the officers started pulling him from the vehicle he was in, and at one point, Constable Derek Chauvin appeared to use his knee to rely on the pressure applied to Floyd’s neck. Floyd’s last words, which were not in a previously published transcript, were: “I can’t breathe.”

The two videos watched by CNN on Wednesday begin as Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng are seen answering a call about a “false bill” used in a local market.

Within 36 seconds of speaking with a store employee, the officers are at the door of the car in which George Floyd was yelling, “Lift your f ** king hands up now!” after a first shot with a flashlight. Floyd pleads with the officers sobbing, one day putting his head on the wheel.

About three minutes after the start of the video, Floyd is forcibly pulled from the car while the police find it difficult to handcuff him. It was after he pleaded with the officers sobbing as they attempted to escort him to the squad car.

The CNN video shows that a great fight ensues when officers Lane and Kueng try to put Floyd in the squad car. Kueng physically tries to push Floyd into the car while Lane moves to the other side of the vehicle and reaches out to try to pull him as Floyd shouts everywhere. This is the first “I can’t breathe” that we hear from Floyd through what looked like a gargling breath.

Finally, Floyd falls on Lane’s side and it is at this stage that the other officers, Thao and Chauvin, introduce themselves on video, then Chauvin, Kueng and Lane work to retain Floyd. It is at this moment that Floyd falls in the familiar place seen in the video of the mobile phone, and approximately 11 minutes and 23 seconds in the camera of the body of Lane, the knee of Chauvin goes on the neck of Floyd.

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Floyd has been handcuffed for almost 8 minutes now and while he is already restrained, Chauvin seems to be increasing the pressure on Floyd’s neck, moving his torso from an upright position to a curling movement.

About 16 minutes after the start of the streak, Floyd’s last words are heard: “Man, I can’t breathe. Paramedics are seen with Floyd just over 9 minutes after the knee went over Floyd’s neck, and a minute later, Floyd, the completely still body is loaded into the ambulance.

The Minneapolis Police Department has not released a video of the incident, reporting it as part of an active Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation into the actions of the police in response to a cry for help.

The judge made available images of body cameras

Camera images of Lane and Kueng police were brought to court last week by Lane’s lawyer as evidence in support of Lane’s motion to dismiss the charges against the former officer, but only the written transcripts were made public by the court.

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Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill, who presides over the cases against the four former Minneapolis police officers accused of the death of Floyd, made body camera images of Lane and Kueng available to the public on Wednesday.

Cahill has so far refused to allow news outlets to publish the images. A coalition of media companies, including CNN, on Monday tabled a motion calling for the immediate release of the two body video cameras.

Floyd died on May 25 after Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes. Lane and Kueng had helped hold Floyd, and former officer Tou Thao stood nearby.

Chauvin is charged with second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. Lane, Kueng and Thao are charged with aiding in second degree murder and aiding in second degree manslaughter.

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The four officers were dismissed.

Chauvin’s lawyer declined to comment on Wednesday.

According to the request filed by Lane’s lawyer Earl Gray, Lane asked twice if Floyd should be moved to his side. Chauvin, a 20-year-old training officer and veteran, told Lane to keep him there until the ambulance arrived, according to the motion. Chauvin assured Lane that Floyd was fine and Lane was unable to see “a visible intentional attack,” said the motion.

Gray stated in the application that his client did not know that Chauvin was committing a crime while he was detaining Floyd. Counsel said that the decision to detain Floyd was reasonably justified, according to the motion.


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