Gamecocks lands its commitment for July 4


TJ Sanders provided fireworks on July 4 for South Carolina game.
About four months after landing an offer, three-star defensive forward Marion (SC) announced his engagement. NC State, Vanderbilt and West Virginia were also taken into account.

Sanders traveled to South Carolina in February for spring training and was offered before he left. Coach Will Muschamp and defensive line coach Tracy Rocker immediately made it a priority for the recruiting class 2021.

Both coaches made a good impression.

“I feel like I can identify with (Muschamp),” said Sanders, after the visit.

“We connect. He spoke to me as if there was a bond and a friendship already built. It was easy to talk to her. “
The approach of Rocker no nonsense suits him very well.

“He will keep things real with you,” said Sanders. “He’s going hard, but it’s for a reason. I don’t want a soft defensive line coach, so he was doing his job (in a good way). “

Prospect # 6 in the state of South Carolina is ranked # 37 among all defensive tackles in the country. Six months ago, he was a low-key rookie, coming out of his first high school football season.
“I didn’t expect (the offer), to be honest, I just thought I was going to watch them train,” said Sanders. “Coach (Drew) Hughes invited me to train (the week before). … Throughout (this) week, all the coaches started following me, like the (defensive) coach Rocker and a lot of player recruiters and all that. Then the head coach followed me, Coach Muschamp. “
Sanders joins three stars Nicholas Barrett (Goldsboro, NC) as the second defensive lineman entry for the South Carolina 2021 class. With Sanders now on board, the Gamecocks go from No. 43 to 37 in the country.
Their team score is now 163.09 after starting the day at 155.73.
A handful of defensive linemen remain in the crosshairs, including Kelvin Gilliam (Highland Springs, Virginie), Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins (Gaffney, SC) and engagement in Florida Justus Boone (Sumter, SC).


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