G1 group confirms layoffs as business refutes layoffs of all staff with less than two years of service


The G1 group from Glasgow confirmed this evening that the staff had been dismissed. The leading hospitality business, which has tastes like The Corinthian Club, The Social, Arta and The Grosvenor Cafe and The Gardener on Ashton Lane, said it had to make “very difficult decisions” because of a loss of revenue and closings expected as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, G1 struck Unite Hospitality which, earlier in the evening, said in a Facebook message that the group had dismissed all employees with less than two years of service in the company. A statement released by G1 in response said they were “disgusted” with the “lies” from the union. The company has not disclosed how many staff have been laid off.

Unite Hospitality commented on Facebook: “The G1 group has just laid off all workers with less than two years of service.

“But it’s cool because they are willing to use public funds to pay their wages and advance notice until the end of August, after which they will be asked to contribute. “

The union also shared a screenshot of an email – allegedly sent by G1 group owner Stefan King, to affected staff members – referring to a loss of £ 25 million in revenue and says it is “with a heavy heart” layoffs must be made.

However, in a strongly worded statement – which confirmed that layoffs were carried out “at all levels” in society – G1 called the statements from Unite Hospitality “continuous bias and ugly distortion of the truth”.

It read: “In a week where local news and mainstream media were dominated by stories of layoffs from a wide range of hotel groups, from luxury hotels to national casual food chains, we were disappointed but not surprised that Unite Hospitality chose to once again distinguish the G1 Group for what can now be accepted as a deeply painful but inevitable result following the Covid pandemic.

“While we absolutely want to acknowledge that it is true that we have made layoffs this week at all levels, including at headquarters and on our premises, we have been shocked and frankly disgusted by the inaccurate information that we have “Dismissed all staff of less than two people”. years ” . The very difficult decisions we faced were the result of careful consideration at all levels and were based on a variety of factors, including our expected loss of revenue at specific sites due to the delayed reopening, reduced operating hours, expected traffic and more.

“Although we were encouraged to see past and present employees refer to this statement tonight as” sensationalism, slander and arson “, we wanted to take a moment to clarify our position and categorically state that the Unitites reports are totally wrong. The work we have been doing behind the scenes to keep this number as low as possible, while juggling an impossible landscape of trade barriers in the future, should not go unnoticed or not mentioned. We cannot overstate the importance we place on minimization where possible, our layoffs have been implemented at all levels of management, including directors. We would encourage anyone who has ever run a business like ours to look at our numbers and prescribe a different outcome.

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“While we appreciate that such information is in the public interest, we urge the general public to look a little further beyond the misinformation that has been shared on social media by Unite. For the media and individuals who have also chosen to share this story, we actively encourage you to take a more proactive and practical approach to verifying the information shared by an organization which we understand is believed to represent fairness and good ethical, but one that has actually displayed a personal vendetta and tactical bullying against the G1 for years. So much so that we were actually forced to threaten legal action before this pandemic. Honestly, we have had enough of the lies that regularly circulate at Unite, which seem to believe themselves immune to criticism from ourselves and others about their continued bias and their ugly distortion of the truth.

Unite Hospitality responded on Twitter this evening: “The G1 group is about to issue a statement calling us liars for saying that all staff under the age of two have been sacked. ”

“Obviously, we cannot know the status of each member of staff, but the scores who contacted us this evening, each is less than two years old. ”

End of March, Glasgow Live explained how G1 Group staff had been reassured about job security and their salary, having been informed several hours earlier that their contract had been terminated.

Dozens of workers were told they should reapply for their jobs when the Grosevenor Cafe and The Gardener businesses on Ashton Lane, part of the G1 group, were able to reopen.

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However, after a “roller coaster week”, the owners of the Pan-Scottish hotel group then assured that all jobs for staff members were secure, including those with less than two years of service and those paid at time.


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