Full details of the current framework for the new NHL agreement with the CBA – The Athletic


The NHL and the NHL Players’ Association continue to push for a landmark agreement that would both extend the current collective agreement and see the game resume the 2019-2020 season this summer. the CBA and the protocols for training camp and resumption of play are finalized, the NHLPA will vote on both together – which means that they cannot approve one half without approving the other half. It is expected that the players’ association will hold a full membership vote, not just a board vote, and members of the seven teams not included in the return to play format will be part of the vote. A majority will be required to approve the agreement.

The complex multi-level agreement to transport the game through the unprecedented waters created by the COVID-19 pandemic may not be able to be approved by players for a few days, but a source close to the negotiations has declared…


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