From Saturday, masks will be mandatory in indoor public spaces in Quebec


Content of the article

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, announced Monday that face masks will be mandatory in all indoor public places in the province starting July 18.

“It is better to wear a mask than to return to detention,” said Legault. “The virus is easy to transmit when we are indoors near people, so I ask all Quebecers, when you get on a bus, when you enter a business, to wear a mask.”

People who refuse to comply with the order will not suffer any consequences at first. Businesses will bear the brunt of its application and could be fined $ 400 to $ 6,000 for failing to ensure that their customers and clients wear a mask.

“We are counting on business owners, first, to make sure people follow the rule,” said Legault, but added that fines for those who refused to wear a mask were coming.

The announcement comes at a time when face masks are becoming mandatory on all public transit systems in the province. It also follows an emergency call by public health officials in Montreal that everyone who has been to bars since July 1 is tested for coronavirus after five drinking establishments have reported cases of COVID-19.


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