From dust-free bikes to electric dreams: UK’s green economy thrives behind Covid-19 | Environment


The queues were “absolutely crazy,” says Gavin Hudson, owner of the bicycle repair startup Butternut Bikes. As the lock went down, he started repairing old bikes in the parking lot of a Methodist church in North London, before moving to an authorized pub in Crouch End. However, the sharp increase in demand for cycle repairs has enabled the pop-up to quickly acquire a permanent address.”Some people come in and tell us they haven’t been biking in 10 years,” says Hudson. “They drag all kinds of bikes, covered in cobwebs, out of the hangar to get back on the road. It’s good. I think it is really true that there are few problems in society today that cannot be improved by making people more inclined to walk and cycle. ”

Butternut Bikes is one of the countless British companies on the verge of enjoying a green economic boom following the coronavirus pandemic. As the government faces increasing pressure to unveil a climate-friendly post-pandemic economic recovery plan, Britain’s green economic growth is already in evidence.


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