French tragedy: woman dies from a roller coaster ride at Parc Saint-Paul theme park | World | News


The woman fell from the roller coaster while the trip was “in operation,” park officials confirmed. The incident took place around 1:45 pm today, at the Saint-Paul theme park near Beauvais in Oise, France. The woman, who has yet to be named, fell from Formula 1 racing at the park.

Doctors said the woman died at the scene.The woman is said to have visited the amusement park for the first time to celebrate the birthday of her two-year-old child.

She was joined by her sister, husband and mother, according to local media.

Park officials closed the ride after the tragedy, but the rest of the park was kept open.

Staff attended to visitors who saw the woman fall to death.

Park management said it was helping police and firefighters investigate.

The death was confirmed by Gilles Campion, director of Parc Saint-Paul in a press release.

The press release reads as follows: “The firefighters intervened and tried in vain to resuscitate the victim. No one else was injured. “

He added: “The park area has been completely cut off for visitors.

“The teams took care of the visitors and the families concerned.

“All the teams join the family to express their deep sadness following this event. ”

The Amiens police are responsible for the investigation.

A force spokesman said, “At this time, the cause of the accident cannot be determined. ”

The French theme park generally attracts nearly 380,000 visitors per year.


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