French national final named as ‘Eurovision France, you decide’


In June, FranceThe head of delegation confirmed that France would use a national final to select its act for Eurovision 2021 – but it would not be Destination Eurovision. Now HoD Alexandra Redde-Amiel has revealed the name of the new contest: Eurovision France, you decide.The name was confirmed in an interview with Redde-Amiel in Pure Media, in which she discussed France Télévisions’ plans for future productions.

The name of the new national final is mainly translated by Eurovision France: you decide, evoking the former British national final Eurovision: you decide and Australia Eurovision: Australia decides.

Redde-Amiel also confirmed that the show will be produced internally and hosted in a regional French city and she revealed who will host the show:

“It will be a big event evening produced by France TV Studio. The idea is to shed light on Eurovision that evening. We will film this event in a large room of a regional city and the evening will be animated by [French Eurovision commentator] Stéphane Bern. «

The HoD was also asked why France 2 was returning to a national final format when it had previously abandoned it and selected Tom Leeb internally for 2020. Redde-Amiel explained the importance of bringing the national final to the pandemic era:

“You have to look at it in context. Tom Leeb had been selected internally. Covid arrived and the Eurovision was canceled. Eurovision is one of our strongest brands. We couldn’t let our audience go another year without that. We talked about it with Tom and we decided to rally the public around this event by creating Eurovision France, you decide. «

The new direction of France

In June, Redde-Amiel also gave some hints about the format of the show. She confirmed that the national final would involve a public vote, but was less clear as to whether the show would also have a jury vote. She said, “The public will have the power to choose. As far as the jury is concerned, everything is still open now. ”

She also confirmed that the new national final would have a different format from that of Destination Eurovision. The former show of the national final had selected the Eurovision act of France for 2018 and 2019. It included two semi-finals and a grand final, all the competing acts being selected internally by the broadcaster after having liaised with record companies.

Applications for Eurovision France are currently open and will close on September 30.

What do you think? Are you excited about the new French national final? What acts would you like to see in competition? Tell us your ideas below.

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