French bus driver dies after attack on passengers who refused to wear masks | News from the world


A French bus driver declared brain dead after an attack on passengers who refused to wear face masks has died, according to his family.Philippe Monguillot, 59, died on Friday in hospital, his daughter Marie told AFP. “We decided to let him go. The doctors were supportive and so were we, ”she said.

Monguillot was attacked on Sunday in the southwestern city of Bayonne after asking three passengers to wear masks – in accordance with the rules applicable to coronaviruses across France – and trying to verify the ticket of a other man.

Two men were charged with attempted murder, two others for failing to assist a person in danger and another for attempting to conceal a suspect, the local prosecutor’s office said.

The two accused of attempted murder are 22 and 23 years old. They were previously known to the police.


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