France to pay healthcare workers $ 9 billion in wage increases as a sign of gratitude for front-line workers


  • France will spend $ 9 billion to provide healthcare workers with salary increases, CNN reported.
  • Healthcare workers would receive an average monthly salary increase of $ 209 (€ 183), the BBC reported.
  • The agreement was signed by Prime Minister Jean Castex, Minister of Health Olivier Véran and union leaders.
  • Health workers are protesting for better wages, more hospital funding and better working conditions.
  • Some unions have called the deal bogus and have said it does not meet their needs, the Independent reported.
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France will spend $ 9 billion to provide healthcare workers, especially those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, with salary increases, CNN reported.

According to the Independent, Prime Minister Jean Castex called it “a historic moment for our health system”.

After seven weeks of negotiations, Castex signed an agreement on Monday with the Minister of Health Olivier Véran and union leaders.

The BBC said the deal would give healthcare workers an average monthly salary increase of $ 209 (€ 183).

About $ 512 million (€ 450 million) is specifically for doctors working in the public domain, and the bulk of the financial aid would cover the salaries of nurses, caregivers and non-medical staff.

“It is first and foremost the recognition of those who have been on the front line in the fight against this epidemic,” said Castex according to The Independent. “It is also a way to catch up on years of delay, for which everyone – including perhaps myself – has their share of responsibility. ”

The Independent reported that some medical unions did not support the agreement and said it did not provide enough support to health workers and the health system.

A group of unions called it a “false understanding” and urged people to demonstrate on July 14, the Independent reported.

According to the BBC, French health workers organized demonstrations, notably on Bastille Day on Tuesday, demanding better wages, better working conditions and hospital funding.

“These salary increases do not meet our demands,” said Thomas Laurent, a nurse in a Lyon hospital and unionist at Inter Urgences, to France24.

On Tuesday, around 1,400 health professionals attended the July 14 celebration as guests of honor with French President Emmanuel Macron and Tedros Adhanom, the director of the World Health Organization.

Banners with the words “Behind the tributes, Macron is stifling hospitals” and “Savings cost us our lives” were displayed by activists during the celebration, the Independent reported.

France recorded more than 209,000 cases of coronavirus with more than 30,000 deaths on Tuesday.

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