France, Spain and Germany face new coronavirus outbreak



Countries around the world are mulling over a second lockdown as they see a local resurgence of the coronavirus after breaking free from social distancing restrictions, disappointing news for residents of those countries and for national economies.


In France, health officials said on Friday that a recent surge in new coronavirus cases in the country had “erased” much of the progress made since the country cleared its lockdown, The telegraph reported.

1,130 daily new cases were reported on Friday, a far cry from the only 81 recorded this time last month, and France is working to make its residents work from home as part of a mitigation effort.

Spain is also concerned about a potential second wave, as new localized clusters appear to appear just a month after their lockdown ends, with cities like Barcelona experiencing spikes as its largest region, Catalonia, has announced that she would close nightclubs for two weeks to try and get a feel for the spread.

Germany’s “second wave of coronavirus is already here,” said Michael Kretschmer, Minister President of Saxony, quoted in the Poste de Rheinische Saturday by a Deutsche Welle translation.

The country has seen an upward slope of new daily cases over a week, according to media reports, with most coming from the southern and southwestern regions of the country.

It’s not just Europe – Israel counted 1,770 new cases on Saturday alone, enough to bring the country to a total of 60,496 cases, a sad step as Israel has seen a further increase in cases since it reopened in April.

It came as thousands of people demonstrated across the country on Saturday for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down over his administration’s pandemic response, as well as corruption charges, which he said. denied.


Worldwide, Johns Hopkins University reported a total of 15.9 million confirmed cases on Saturday, as well as 641,889 deaths. The United States is still the country most in the pandemic, with 4.1 million cases and 146,299 deaths since the start of the epidemic.

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