France restricts RAM and Air Arabia flights to Morocco from August 4 to 10


Rabat – French and Moroccan civil aviation authorities disagree after France imposed new travel restrictions Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia Maroc vols of Morocco in France.

The desire of the French authorities to reserve the airspace network for repatriation is taking shape Royal Air Morocco (RAM) and Air Arabia Maroc to cancel flights from August 4 to August 10.

Air Arabia Maroc offered its customers the option to receive a refund or change their flights at no additional cost with a credit valid for 12 months.

Royal Air Maroc has suspended the marketing of vols planned during this period awaiting negotiations between France and Morocco, according to a company source cited by local outlet Le360.

The new restrictions come a few days after the French media questioned MoroccoAir exclusion Flights to France of the exceptional of the country flight operation.

French economist and journalist Pascal Perri accused Morocco of exercising a de facto monopoly on the road between the two countries.

Perri noted the struggle of the airlines during the time of COVID-19[feminine[feminine and suggested that Morocco simply try to save Royal Air Maroc from bankruptcy.

Like other airlines, RAM has been hit hard by travel restrictions in the context of the pandemic. The company said it has lost $ 109.1 million each month since Morocco introduced the restrictions.

The limited resumption of flights, which began on July 15, intends to offer foreigners the possibility of leaving Morocco and Moroccan citizens, residents or their families to return to the North African country.

The Moroccan airline fixes the prices of return flights between Morocco and France at 5,500 MAD ($ 575) after the selective resumption of international flights.

Morocco has not yet announced when it will open its borders to tourists.


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