France reduces July 14 commemoration


by Emmanuel Huberdeau

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, France will commemorate July 14, but without a military parade by ground troops and vehicles on the Champs-Élysées. Instead, there will be a military ceremony with soldiers standing on Place de la Concorde. Stands have been temporarily built around the square, where officials will be seated.

Although they ended the state of Covid-19 on July 10, authorities have decided to plan another type of military ceremony this year to avoid the crowd that usually gathers around the Champs-Élysées for attend the parade. The overview will always take place.

An A400M, photographed during rehearsals on July 14 in Orleans, will fly over Paris on July 14. (Janes / Emmanuel Huberdeau)

France’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic will be one of the major themes of the commemoration of July 14. The planes used during the crisis will fly over Paris, in particular the Airbus A330 Phoenix Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT). The French Air Force used the medical evacuation capabilities of the plane’s Morphée intensive care unit for the first time in March, when it displaced a total of 36 Covid-19 patients in six flights from eastern France to less affected areas. The MRTT loading area has been adapted to transport Covid-19 patients with the CM30 medical kit.

In addition, 16 seriously ill patients were transported by the Atlas of the French Air Force A400M. One of the A400Ms in the service is still deployed in the Antilles, where the health situation is still serious, to transport patients from French Guiana to Martinique.

A German A400M will also fly over, symbolizing Germany’s support for France. On March 29, a Luftwaffe A400M evacuated two Covid-19 patients from Strasbourg, France, to Ulm, Germany, where they were hospitalized.

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, France will commemorate July 14, although without a mil…


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